Message from the editor

Razor Reel is a site dedicated to fantasy, sci-fi, cult and just plain odd films, with a special fondness for those that don’t make it to the local multiplex. Since 2008 we’re no longer limited to reviewing films which we love (or hate) but have added a film festival, screening the films we previously only reviewed. The festival has grown each year and we’re anxious to see attendance grow further for our next edition in October. Considering the entries we’ve received it promises to be another great edition. For more information on the festival visit the website at

The festival has been very rewarding with direct feedback from the audience. But it has also been very demanding. The site is high maintenance as well and combining both isn’t easy. But all the same we’re still continuing enthusiastically with the website because it’s what got us started and is very near to our hearts here at Razor Reel.

Due to the recession we’re receiving less prizes to give away so we’ve decided to skip the competitions for now on the site and only use the giveaways for our newsletters. For those who like to receive the newsletter (In Dutch, mostly regarding the Festival please mail us at Contest[at]razorreel[dot]be and put “Subscribe” in the header.

The reviews, interviews and articles will still appear regularly. And we hope that you will be visiting the website for reviews articles and interviews for many years to come. If you have the opportunity come to visit the Razorreel Fantastic Film Festival in Bruges.

--- Steven ---

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